tisdag 25 oktober 2011

ALIEN @ Firefest 2011

"Ready to fly"... at Gothenburg Airport.

Firefest venue, Nottingham.

ARfm Classic Rock radio interview... nice treat ;-)

Johan Nylén of FF crew, backstage.

tisdag 18 oktober 2011

Firefest 2011 programme

The Firefest 2011 festival programme is available for pre-sale
at the Shop in www.thefirefest.com.

onsdag 5 oktober 2011

Oskaru on Alien..

In "Classic Rock AOR #4" Oz Oskaru states the following about Alien:

"..as a band from Gothenburg, we are both very proud of and influenced
by Alien." "Their 1988 debut made a deep impact on us - together with the
likes of FM, Survivor, Foreigner and especially Journey and Bad English
- they stand tall as our main source of inspiration."

Kindest words, Oz!!
We're looking forward to hear the Oskaru album,
as well as your take on "Tears..." //Alien

onsdag 7 september 2011

Brave New Love: A Tribute To Alien

Bands to perform on the upcoming Alien tribute album:
Oskaru, Fretless, Diamond Dawn, Wild Rose, Eric Foxx
feat. Hank Erix, Sanchez, Fat Nelly, Dr. Love, Heart Attack
+ more to be announced shortly.

måndag 1 augusti 2011

International press on ALIEN

UK "Classic Rock AOR" magazine special on "Scandinavian
melodic rock/AOR list ALIEN ('88 debut album) as one of
four "Superior" albums. Great!!
Also, "Tears.." in the "Essential playlist".

German "Hardline" nr 16 feature article on ALIEN,
plus single "Ready To Fly" on the CD sampler!

söndag 12 juni 2011

Live at Sweden Rock

We had a great time at SRF, big hand to all of the staff
and our amazing audience!!

// thanx to Skip/alien-tol.com for the live pics!

...and our fans who came to our signing session

Tony trying out a ltd Mark Bolan Gibson LP replica,
in the VIP-lounge.

Gus G (Ozzy) using the RockART designed ESP at SRF.
... a project in which Jimmy Wandroph took a (small) part!!

söndag 22 maj 2011

Alien Memorabilia

When at rehearsal in a studio this week,
imagine my surprise as I bump into Jimmy's
old white Hammond organ /w Leslie!!

...used on tour with Alien in 1987.
How's that for nostalgia?! //Ken

onsdag 18 maj 2011

iPhone app for Sweden Rock

Sweden Rock Festival official app provides all information
- running order, transfer busses, maps, weather etc.

måndag 16 maj 2011

Getaway Rock Festival

1-day tickets now on sale!


The site is now also listing which bands to play each day,
although the exact running order is yet to be announced
(first week of June).

View the Getaway Rock trailer

måndag 2 maj 2011

Prep for SRF

Short rehearsal tonight, preparing the unplugged performance
at Sweden Rock Festival. We're really looking forward...

onsdag 27 april 2011

Blog feed

And we've added the blog feed as well.

Tweaked design

We've now updated the design of the website to include a bit more information.

Happy surfing!