lördag 23 mars 2013

Italian Girl

Digging (in) the archives - this is a funny one!

Tape Op lost the title of a song we just recorded.
"Italian Girl"?!

...right answer: "Only One Woman" :)

onsdag 20 mars 2013

Swedish Metal Classics

Rare and expensive classics get reborn!
EMI Music Sweden is proud to present the reissues of some
Swedish sought after hard rock and metal classics.

March 25th marks the release of the campaign Swedish Metal
Classics, a pack of well hidden gems and forgotten jewels get
a chance to reach a brand new audience across the globe!

24 albums, 10 of them haven’t been available since the 80’s.
A 16 track compilation feature each band in the campaign;
Alien, Biscaya, Bedlam, Dalton, Talk of the town a.o.

fredag 15 mars 2013

No.1 in Japan!

Alien hits the No.1 spot in the import album chart in Japan!
Burrn! magazine feature a special ad/article on the reissue
of the 1988 debut album, due to topping the chart.

onsdag 13 mars 2013


Debut album evening paper advert, 25 years ago.
Nicely cut-out pic ... NOT! Pre Photoshop... :)

The Anniversary Bonus Edition coming soon!

fredag 8 mars 2013

Remastered & Reloaded

EMI Music Sweden are releasing the Alien back catalog,
remastered for digital download. First out are
Alien Bonus Edt, /w 2 unreleased Polar St. session outtakes.
Shiftin' Gear, /w 4 unreleased Bohus Sound St. demos
(the Original Lineup versions).